The best 5G router or modem

The first fifth generation mobile networks are already in use. The new 5G technology's greatest strength is improved data transfer capabilities. 4G LTE networks already provided very decent speeds, but 5G is a genuine contender to a fixed line.

Like 4G networks, you can connect to 5G with a smartphone or a device purely used for data transfer. Because the technology is new, there are only a handful of options on the market. The first generation devices often use a transitional technology NSA (non-standalone), so their lifespan might not be very long.

If you want to adopt 5G today, you should still consider which is the 5G best device for you and if you should choose an indoor or outdoor unit. The best home modems are Huawei CPE Pro and Nokia FastMile devices. For mobile use there the HTC 5G Hub is the only reasonable choice, however it cannot be connected to a home network in a good way. All of the above devices are first generation devices.

If you can wait a few months, you should opt for second generation devices. The most important feature to look for is the 5G SA (Standalone) connectivity that enables lower latencies. In addition chipsets are expected to be more robust than the first generation devices. Zyxel is one of the first device manufacturers looking to bring second generation devices to the market. They're bringing to the market an outdoor modem/router NR7101 as well as a portable NR2101 model. Netgear is also launching a second generation Nighthawk M5 (MR5200) 5G mobile router in Q2/2020.

Exact information on these second generation devices is not yet available, but it is known that they use the Qualcomm Snapdragon x55, a second generation 5G chipset from the leading manufacturer. The first generation x50 modem is used by devices such as Nokia FastMile.