Forward port 8444 to Chia Blockchain from your router

The Chia Network is a blockchain similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum. It forms a peer-to-peer network similar to BitTorrent for communication. Similarly to BT you should forward ports for Chia to perform optimally. This will help you synchronize faster.

To find out how to do this do a search for BitTorrent port forwarding, but instead of port 6889 used by Torrent Trackers use the port 8444. This will allow direct connections from the outside to your Chia Farmer. It should help you get better performance and be a better member of the blockchain due to improved connections.

But how to open the ports? It all depends, and it might already be done for you automatically. If your network router supports uPNP it can automatically connect this. If not then you need to create it manually. How exactly this is done depends on the brand of router: Asus, Google WiFi, TP-Link, D-Link, Netgear, Zyxel, Linksys…

Due to how widespread BitTorrent is, you can find port forwarding guides for a lot of devices. You can use the same steps, but just replace the port 6889 with 8444.