Autoline: Sandy Munro sued over Tesla Model 3 teardown

Tesla, the US automaker, has been in the limelight in the last few years. Since it's launch of the lower-tier Model 3 model, there have been much criticism as well as admiration for the car. Recently there has been a lot of litigation over SEC whistle blowers, Canadian EV credits and more. According to Autoline, a fresh law case is brewing over the Model 3 teardown done by Munro & Associates.

Sandy Munro is the lead of the consultancy that thoroughly cars and produces details reports over this. These reports are often bought by car manufacturers or investing companies to help evaluate competing products. On the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) range, Munro and Associates have already committed analyses of the BMW i3, Chevrolet Bolt and now the Tesla Model 3.

Talking to Autoline, an industry media, Munro initially criticised the Model 3 for poor craftmanship and shoddy build quality. Later he warmed up to the vehicle as he found the electronics and battery to be far beyond what other cars offer on the market. Most recently Munro & Associates published their conclusion that the Tesla Model 3 can be built profitably. Perhaps even at the $35,000 price originally advertised.

However, now it seems that Sandy Munro is in hot water over the Tesla Model 3 teardown. According to a statement from Autoline, Sandy Munro is no longer available to comment on the Tesla Model 3 as he is facing legal charges over the work. Currently it is unknown who sued the small consultancy providing insight to the products of the massive auto industry.

Source: Ask Autoline, Episode #10 (August 20th 2018)