Subaru XV plug-in hybrid with Toyota technology coming to the US in 2018

Subaru will announce it's first plug-in hybrid later this year. The Japanese automaker will receive help from Toyota, as the 2019 US Subaru Cross Trek hybrid will use Toyota's hybrid technology. This helps Subaru keep research and development cost down.

Designing and producing a new powertrain is expensive, an in addition first generation technologies have a tendency to have some glitches. This is why the Toyota-sourced hybrid tech is a good choice for the smaller Japanese brand. Despite it's name the new car is a plug-in hybrid (PHEV), which can run short distances with electric power in the city or suburbs.

Outside the North American market Subaru's Crosstrek model is known as the XV. The details of the new plugin hybrids availability outside of the US market has not been confirmed. Subaru had an earlier hybrid variant of the Crosstrek, but it was phased out before the current generation hit the market.

The design of the new model will follow the updated Crosstrek/XV, released in 2017, but it will have some changes in the exterior. The model is built on the SGP (Subaru Global Platform), which has been designed to host combustion, hybrid and all-electric drive trains from the get go.

In China the brand already released light hybrid variants of it's Forester and XV models, and an all-electric model is due in 2020. Full details of the plug-in hybrid vehicle are not yet available, but Subaru did release some details in early May 2018. The combustion engine will be a direct injection boxer engine, which will be paired with the Toyota sourced hybrid system.

Power from the petrol and electric motors will be transferred to all four wheels through an all-new CVT transmission. Complete techinical details, along with the official fuel consumption numbers will be announced later in 2018.