Volkswagen boss says move to EVs leads to increased coal consumption

According to Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess a rapid move to Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) is very challenging. In the Europe there is no infrastructure to provide clean, renewable energy at the scale required for an accelerated move to electric vehicles.

In an interview given to Süddeutsche Zeitung, mr Diess states that in five tons of CO2 emissions created by creating an EV battery. In there will be a continued increase in CO2 emissions, because moving from oil powered vehicles to producing electricity with coal will generate more green house gases than the current state.

The German autoindustry has responded to the decision made by the European Union this week. The comission now targets a reduction of 35 percent in Carbon Dioxide emissions by the year 2030. In general Herber Diess says there are still challenges to solve in a large scale move to Battery Electric Vehicles.

Diess says that the naked truth is that a forced move to BEVs will not result into a move to electric powered vehicles, but coal powered vehicles. The VW chief goes on to say that the move to Electric Vehicles is "insane".

Full interview here: VW-Konzernchef: Autofahren mit Kohlestrom ist "Wahnsinn"