The Westworld car is the Can-Am Maverick X3 ATV

The cars used in by the Westworld personnel in the 2018 season of the popular TV-series is the Can-Am Maverick. Unlike you would expect by it's looks, it is a mass produced ATV that is available for purchase around the world. It's the perfect desert vehicle for many.

The Can-Am Maverick X3 is hard to put into a category. It could be called either a car or an ATV. The monster built around the sturdy steel cage chassis is neither, but rather looks like it escaped from a Batman or Mad Max movie. Despite it's outlanding appearance, the Can-Am Maverick is a serial production fun machine. The wheels, sized 30 x 10 x 14 inches, are placed at the very far edges of the vehicle. The driver can easily peek out to see the front wheel.

The location of the wheels provides a hint to the planned use for the device: Rock climbing and a sort of car trial. By flicking a switch, the Maverick goes onto the Trail mode, which makes it a reasonable ride for any offroad use. The three feet long shock absorbers sourced from Fox soften the ride, but a helmet, goggles, ear protection and a scarf for mouth protection are required for a ride. In a dusty environment all of the gear soon gets dirty.

The Maverick is powered by a turbo charged 900 cm3 Rotax engine, whose 156 horses are passed through a CVT transmission to all four wheels. The 1600 pound X3 is very fast, especially considering that acceleration does not change a lot by terrain as figures are close to identical on the tarmac or on the swamp. The soft tires make driving a performance that requires pre-emptive thinking. When cornering fast it feels like the Can-Am understeers, but then the tires lean in and soon the Maverick over steers to the curve very fast.

The biggest letdown of the Maverick is the sound, which does not pay justice to the apocalyptic look of the vehicle. The three cylinder engine grunts low, and the turbo charger cuts out the biggest oomph. The sound of the drive train is also distinct at low speeds.