Zyxel 5G outdoor modem/router CPE (NR7101)

Zyxel's series of outdoor LTE routers have been tried and tested options for those wanting fixed wireless access to their homes or businesses. Now the company has unveiled details of it's latest fifth generation (5G) version.

Following the design of the popular LTE7460 outdoor LTE router the new Zyxel NR7101 device promises deliver impressive performance. Functioning in the Sub 6GHz NR (New Radio) spectrum of the 5G specification the device can be installed outdoor and is designed to use Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Using advanced antenna technology with 4x4 MIMO the device will not only work on 5G networks, but also be compatible with the previous generation 4G / LTE networks. This device functioning in the widely deployed 3.5 GHz spectrum can support up to 2 Gigabits per second (Gbps) download speeds. The device is uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon x55, a second generation 5G modem with support for Standalone (SA) and Non Standalone (NSA) networks.

The weatherproof housing (IP67 rated) houses the radio, antenna as well as connectors like 1 Gigabit ethernet and two micro SIM card slots. Like it's predecessors, the NR7101 can work in either bridge or router modes. In bridge mode the device can be connected to an indoor router. In router mode the device will handle the routing as well. From there on internet connectivity can be forwarded using fixed and wireless (WiFi) networks to serve high speed internet connectivity.

The first generation of 5G CPEs from Zyxel include the NR7101 5G outdoor router, NR5101 indoor 5G router as well as the portable NR5102 5G router.

On May 26th 2020 Zyxel announced that its device series NR2101NR5101 and NR7101 begin production and will be available in the EMEA region in Q2/2020. In preparation the Zyxel LTE Ally app was updated with support for LTE7490 and NR7101 devices on June 9th 2020.